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For NGO-s


You, as a registered NGO, may apply for revenues from the charity concert organised by the Children’s Nutrition Foundation.

The online streaming of the concert will begin on 10 April 2023. Nobody is required to travel to Budapest; the concert can also be viewed at home by way of online streaming.


You are entitled to the donations provided by your donors. For more information, please read point 8 of the agreement!

Who wants to listen to a concert?

Very many people. Forty-one percent of people above the age of 55, for example, love classical music (and of a classical style). This ratio is 30% among the 35-55-year-olds.

The recording of the concert is confidential until 10 April. It has not been made available on the internet, therefore it is a genuine online premiere. Despite the one thousand free concert videos available, this piece cannot be listened to anywhere else – only here and from that date.

What can we apply for?

The Children’s Nutrition Foundation is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. During this period we received a vast number of support requests that we were unable to satisfy, because we don’t deal with the given topic or crisis. There was environmental protection, health issues, sports, animal protection and countless other topics in relation to which we wanted to help, but were unable to do so. On this wonderful anniversary, with your collaboration we will try to provide support in topics, where we are not directly involved.

What is MuseHelps?

Our website, is a page for donors who can select the civil organization they want to donate for. The name comes from the ancient Greek mithology.

Ticket sales or donations?

The charity concerts are unique in that donors may attend the concerts in exchange for their donations. As we know, it’s easy to obtain a donation for a good cause. But it’s even easier to reciprocate support with a small gift. Well, this concert is such a gift.

How much does a ticket cost?

Since this concert will be available in several countries, we set the price of the basic ticket at 15 euros, and we also offer several other opportunities.

Your donors can purchase tickets on the site. You decide which types of tickets to offer them and their price.

How do we know...

... as to whether someone provided a donation to our benefit? In the Agreement you provide a “Donor code”. Your donor enters this code in the reference field of the payment. (Donation is not possible without a code) The number and amount of received donations can be continuously tracked under the “My account” menu item.


Nutrition Foundation

This year we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of our foundation. This concert honours our donors and organisations, which – similarly to you and the beneficiaries of this concert – do so much for Hungary and the community. In our advertisements we will request donors to support the goals of their favourite organisations with ticket purchase donations!

The Concert

The concert was recorded at th Ganad Hall of the Liszt Academy of Music.For a donation of EUR 15, the donor can view and listen to the streamed premiere performance of Four Fantasias for Orchestra and Violin by Király (50 minutes). For a larger donation, you can also view the recording of the works of Mozart and Beethoven. You will not find the concert’s recording anywhere else on the internet. We will not make it accessible before 10 April.

The orchestra: Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra

Anima Musicae = the soul of music. We are indebted to this orchestra – delighting audiences at hundreds of concerts annually – for accepting the invitation and performing these masterworks.


Soloist: Orsolya Korcsolán

The artist is one of the most distinguished violinists today. She earned her degrees and PhD at the Academy of Music and the Juilliard School in New York. She currently lives in Vienna. She gives very successful concerts on international stages with the Anna Rothschild Ensemble, among others.


Conductor: Professor Gergely Sugár

An outstanding hornist, member and busy conductor of several Austrian orchestras. He is a professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts.


Composers: Mozart, Beethoven, Király

Everything is known about Mozart and Beethoven. This cannot be said about Király. He is fine with that, because if his music cannot captivate the audience, it doesn’t matter who he is. But if his music enthralls, it says everything there is to know about him.

Ticket purchase

The donor supports your organisation’s work with the donation; it informs us of the recipient of the donation by providing your organisation’s code. You specify the donor code in the Agreement.

We shall send the password necessary for viewing the concert via email to the donor. The concert may be viewed from 10 April 2023 on the website.

The registration period has finished.

... entered into by and between the following NGO-s:

Name: Children’s Nutrition Foundation (In Hungarian: Gyermekétkeztetési Alapítvány; aka GYEA)
Established: 1993
Registered office: 1203 Budapest, Mária u. 3.
Country: Magyarország
Represented by: Fekete Csaba, Chairman of the Board of Trustees elnök
Registration number: 01-01-0004307
VAT number: HU18049842
E-mail address:

1. At 8.00 a.m. (UTC+2) on 10 April 2023, Organiser will make accessible the recording of the Overture of The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart, Symphony No. 1 by Beethoven and Four Fantasias by Gábor Király on the website for ticket holders to the concert. The concert is an online premiere; its recording is not accessible anywhere else on the internet. Organiser engages the Beneficiary to promote the concert and encourage ticket purchases under the terms and conditions of this Agreement. 2. The Beneficiary may only be a registered non-profit NGO.

3. The Beneficiary is entitled to the donations of donors who made payments with its donor code.

4. The Beneficiary will not advertise the concert before 10 April 2023. The concert may be viewed only after such date. The concert recording is accessible on this platform until 30 June 2023. Thereafter the Organiser will not accept payments for this purpose.

5. Organiser shall transfer the amount due to the Beneficiary to the Beneficiary’s bank account in the second week of July 2023.

6. Beneficiary shall independently choose how to address its sponsors, prospective donors on its social media platforms (by way of a website, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, newsletter, advertisements or otherwise). Organiser shall not apply any restrictions in relation to the above. Exception: With regard to the fundraising campaign hereunder, no views expressed by the Beneficiary may insult, offend and/or smear any group of people.

7. In the future, Organiser shall not reach out to donors known through the Beneficiary in any campaigns or fundraising. Online debit card payments are transacted through the Barion system. Debit card data are not provided to the Organiser. The service provider is Barion Payment Zrt., an institution under the supervision of the Hungarian Central Bank with the licence number: H-EN-I-1064/2013.

9. Organiser shall provide data on donors known through the Beneficiary to the Beneficiary. Organiser shall retain data on donors known through the Beneficiary for the period prescribed by law.
Organiser may provide data on financial transactions between the Parties (Donors, Organiser, Beneficiary) to an independent auditor, which is responsible for verifying that all Parties act in accordance with this Agreement in terms of finances. The auditor shall draw up and publish a report on their findings. Both Parties shall accept the auditor’s report as legally valid evidence.

10. Resolution of disputes
In the event of disputes, the Parties shall provide for the jurisdiction of the court where Organiser has its registered office. The Parties shall not turn to court until they attempt to resolve the dispute through direct negotiations between them.

11. Approval
Beneficiary has understood this Agreement and agrees to conclude it by clicking on the “I accept the Agreement” button.

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Children’s Nutrition Foundation (In Hungarian: Gyermekétkeztetési Alapítvány; aka GYEA)
Registered office: H-1203 Budapest, Mária u. 3.
Registration number: Capital Court 01-01-0004307
VAT Number: HU18049842
Phone: +36 1 2832510
E-mail address:

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